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Family Video Game Database is created by a small enthusiastic team of parents and carers. Our team of family testers provide detailed and hand-crafted information for every game:

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Image 176You can search the games in the database by PEGI or ESRB rating, duration, genre, theme, platforms, number of players or even those that don’t have in-app purchases. You can also select any game and get a list of 10 or so other games that are similar in their theme or interactions.

Image 156All the games in the database are recommended. We only include games that have worked well without testers. This may be children and families for younger rated games, but also include games for older teenagers, young adults and grown-ups where they offer valuable experiences. This means we include the full range of PEGI and ESRB rated games.

Image 157The games are organised in lists to help you discover games to play. Rather than focusing on the usual genres like shooters, platformers or role-play, we've found that families find games from the kind of experience they offer: Solving a mystery, Walking in someone else's shoes, Competing on the couch, laughing together, make music while you play.

Image 158This information here is designed to complement and expand on my video game advice book for parents, Taming Gamin. Along with that publication, it is the result of 15 years writing about video games for families online, in newspapers and magazines, and broadcast appearances. As with that work, it reflects my desire to offer parents practical advice and insight, rather than to critique or defend video games.

We are a small dedicated team of parents and carers and will continue to improve and update it over the coming weeks. You can a email any questions or request new lists or games.