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In addition to the Accessibility section for each game, some systems provide built-in accessibility features. The advantage of these is that they will generally work on every game. The downside is that they are not tailored to a specific gaming scenario. This page details these settings that are useful or pertinent to video games.

Remapping buttons, for example, is provided but does not update button prompts in games and often doesn’t have any ability to store different control setups for different games. Even features like zoom, vary considerably with some options (Nintendo Switch) allowing you to lock the zoom and others (PlayStation 4) offering a temporary magnification Still, these settings to provide more options even if they aren't always perfect.

Some system-wide adjustments sound good, like closed captions or high contrast, but don’t apply to games; closed caption settings apply to films rather than games, and high contrast applies to system menus only, not visuals of games.

Nintendo Switch

Although not as comprehensive as some, the Nintendo Switch does now have some features via the System Settings.

Xbox One

The Xbox One offers an extensive range of accessibility options via the Settings menus, mostly within the Ease of Access menu:

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 offers a range of system-wide accessibility options via the Accessibility menu:


Windows has extensive accessibility features, some that work with games like colour correction. There is a huge range of accessibility software that can be used with PC games, from voice recognition to input device emulators.


iOS devices, iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices have good accessibility built-in.


Android devices have accessibility settings that mainly apply to the system:

PlayStation 3

This system supports accessibility in the following ways:

Wii U

This system supports accessibility in the following ways:


This system supports accessibility in the following ways:

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