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Anagraphs Accessibility Report

Our accessibility experts are yet to assess Anagraphs. If you'd like to suggest accessibility features we should record for Anagraphs, let us know on Twitter or via email.

Anagraphs is a word puzzle game where you find anagrams. The twist is that the font makes some letters symmetrical vertically so you can spin them to make new letters and new words.

Video GameAnagraphs
PEGI 3 Video Game Age Rating for Anagraphs in UK and Europe

DetailsGame Details

Content Rating: PEGI 3

Skill Rating: 10+ year-olds

Release Date: 21/06/2021

Price: Free

Platforms: Android, PC and iOS

Genres: Brain Game, Puzzle and Sequencing

Developer: Anagraphs (@Anagraphs)

Players: 1

Costs: Free


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System Accessibility Settings

In addition to the accessibility features provided in the game, you can also use system-wide accessibility settings:

Android has accessibility settings including ways to navigate and interact, although not all games support this.
Windows has extensive accessibility features. Some, like colour correction, work with games. Lots of accessibility software can be used with PC games, from voice recognition to input device emulators.
iOS has a very extensive suite of accessibility settings including ways to navigate with voice and comprehensive screen reading, though most of the features don't work with games.
Read more about system accessibility settings.

VSC LogoAccessibility Report supported by VSC Rating Board, PlayabilityInitiative

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