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Board GameCubitos Review
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Posted: 7 weeks ago, last updated 6 weeks ago.

Author: Rob Prior, @GeekDadGamer and Jo Robertson.


Cubitos is a traversal game where you race an animal in the annual Cube Cup. You play by rolling dice and moving your animal around the track. It is game of making your own luck by continually defying the odds and propelling yourself forwards over the finish line.

You play as animals desperately pushing their luck to move around a chaotic course and over the finish line. During each go you roll nine dice from your pile, hoping to roll Feet for movement or Coins for money. Unfortunately most of your dice only have actions on one or two sides of them. But, if you dare, you can re-roll in the hope of rolling more actions. Roll all blanks, however, and you are bust and cannot move that turn.

As you play, you collect money that you can spend on new dice that have more powerful actions and more useful sides. The more money you spend, the more powerful the action. These dice are added to your pile and become part of your arsenal of dice weaponry in the battle to move forwards fastest and over the finish line first. As you choose your path around the board, you can try to move on to bonus squares that give you the power to add dice or expand the number of dice you can roll. So you must be careful to plot the best course along the board.

Each turn carries that perfect mix of luck and skill. Sometimes, however hard you try the dice just aren't on your side. What's nice here though, is that you can buy your own luck, by cleverly choosing to swap the money you gained for more powerful dice. So what starts as a simple roll-and-hoping game, is quickly full of small strategic decisions that influence things to move ever more quickly to that glorious finishing line.

DetailsGame Details

Skill Rating: 8-10 year-olds

Release Date: 01/01/2021

Genres: Collecting, Push-Your-Luck, Race and Traversal

Pieces: Board, Dice, Figures, Placeables and Tokens

Developer: Alderac (@Alderac)

Players: 2-4




Learn to Play: This takes 40 minutes to learn. Although the game presents you with the information needed to simply take each turn, there are a lot of extra dice, each bringing different rules and actions to the game. While first learning, you need to read and re-read the cards that come with dice in order to fully understand them. This means that it takes a few games to feel like you grasp the game and can begin to start playing more strategically.

The first time you play it's worth trying the following:
  • Play the simplest form of the game a few times to get your head around the basic rule set.
  • For the first few turns, take time to help each other choose the best moves and spend money wisely.

Play Time: This game will take between half an hour and 1 hour to complete.

Play StylePlay Style

You can play with 2 to 4 players in the same room. Best with 4 players.

You can play this game in the following styles:

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Skill Rating

8-10 year-olds usually have the required skill to enjoy this game. Younger players need to be able to understand and follow all of the rules that the new dice bring with them. This means they need good attention to detail, even at a fairly fast pace.

Content Rating

We rate this suitable for 3+ years-olds.


No cost data.


We haven't documented accessibility features for this game yet. Our Cubitos Accessibility Report details system-wide settings that may help, and suggests similar games with accessibility features. Tweet the developer (@Alderac) to let them know about our Accessibility Questionnaire.

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