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No Thanks! Review
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Posted: 11 weeks ago, last updated 10 weeks ago.

Author: @GeekDadGamer and Rob Prior.


No Thanks! is a card game where you avoid points. You work through a deck of cards of different value, to avoid getting it you have to spend a chip. Eventually someone runs out of chips and has to take the card. It sounds simple but it's finely balanced because taking a card gets you the chips which can protect you from the next card.

Once you have turned over a card from the deck, each player takes it in turns to either play one chip or take the card (and any chips on it). As you work through the deck of cards you manage two currencies. How many points you'll get versus how many chips you'll get. One leads to losing while the other increases your defences agains the next card.

The deck is numbered from 3 to 35 so some cards are worth taking the hit on if it means you get some chips. But you need to think ahead and keep track of what's gone to ensure you are well defended with chips when that big 25 point card turns up.

The game leans into these tactics with a couple of extra rules. If you end up with a run of two or more cards they only count as the lowest value. Before you start nine cards are removed from the deck so you don't always know if you can get the right connectors for runs. Also, chips take one point off your score at the end.

DetailsGame Details

Release Date: 01/01/2005, updated in 2019

Genres: Collecting, Push-Your-Luck and Strategy

Pieces: Cards and Tokens

Developer: AMIGO Games US (@AMIGO_GamesUS)

Players: 3-7



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Learn to Play: This takes 5 minutes to learn. It's quick to learn, although the depth of tactics can take longer. Understanding the two currencies of chips and cards is important, along with the score-reducing runs.

The first time you play it can help if you:
  • Demonstrate the impact on score of different card-chip combinations.
  • Highlight the rule about runs and that nine cards are removed.

Play Time: This game will take between 15 minutes and 20 minutes to complete.

Play StylePlay Style

You can play with 3 to 7 players in the same room. The first versions of the game supported up to five players, but a 2011 edition supports up to seven.

You can play this game in the following styles:

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

We rate this suitable for 3+ years-olds.


No cost data.


We haven't documented accessibility features for this game yet. Our No Thanks! Accessibility Report details system-wide settings that may help, and suggests similar games with accessibility features. Tweet the developer (@AMIGO_GamesUS) to let them know about our Accessibility Questionnaire.

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