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Street Fighter V (Series) Review
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Posted: 6 weeks ago.

Author: @LadyLexUK and @GeekDadGamer.


Street Fighter V (Street Fighter 5) is a competitive fighting game. First introduced in 1987, this classic game from Japan has inspired a whole genre. You choose a champion fighter from around the world, each with unique abilities, then fight one-on-one with either a computer controlled player or a friend. This version retains the play style of a classic arcade game but with updated visuals, tweaked fighting mechanics and a lite story.

Gameplay involves pressing multiple buttons in combination with stick movement. Each combination performs a move, such as a jump, punch, kick or block. There are also special moves that require quickly pressing series of buttons, or holding to charge attacks. The triggered move also depends on whether you are standing, moving, jumping or crouching. Like any sports game, practice with the different moves and experience with fighting bouts will improve your chances of winning.

The base game contains 16 characters which include male, female and fantasy humanoids. In 2020 the Champion Edition downloadable content increased the roster to 40 characters. Visually, these characters and the world in which they fight, is in the style of Japanese anime. The characters are varied as are the arena backgrounds, making it colourful and interesting to look at. It's Not as violent as competitor Mortal Kombat but still involves martial arts both unarmed and armed.

The result is a highly skilled challenge that relies not only on memorising moves, but how and when to use them in relation to opponents. Players can enjoy persevering to improve their performance over many years.

DetailsGame Details

Content Rating: PEGI 12

Skill Rating: 11+ year-olds

Release Date: 16/02/2016, updated in 2020

Platforms: PC and PS4

Genres: Fighting

Developer: Capcom USA (@CapcomUSA_)


Duration: This game will take between 3 hours and 4 hours to complete. Individual fights are relatively short, lasting 1-2 minutes.
Players: You can play with 2 players in the same room and up to 2 players online. Fights are between 2 players only.


Additional in-game purchases are offered for items that enhance the experience.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

Rated PEGI 12 for Moderate Violence, Offensive Language. This is an arcade-style competitive fighting game. Characters attack each other with a variety of special moves, none of which do permanent visible damage to an opponent. Once an opponent’s energy bar is depleted, they are “knocked out” and will remain on the floor until the next round begins. The violence is highly stylized and generally over the top.There is the occasional use of the following words: *!@?*, bloody, *!@?*, wanks and bugger. This game offers players the opportunity to purchase in-game items in the form of additional costumes and arenas and players may be able to purchase additional characters in the future, which some parents or carers may want to be aware of. Parents, carers or other responsible adults should check to see what is being offered before making any purchase on behalf of a child. It should be noted that the game can still be played without the need to purchase such items.The game features online playing capability which may involve real-time interaction with other players.
Users Interact: The game enables players to interact and communicate with each other, so may expose players to language usually associated with older rated games.

Skill Rating

11+ year-olds usually have the required skill to enjoy this game. Still, it's important for parents and guardians to consider the maturity required to process the game content. Requires good controller skills and quick reflexes, plus the maturity to cope with losing.


We haven't documented accessibility features for this game yet. Our Street Fighter V Accessibility Report details system-wide settings that may help, and suggests similar games with accessibility features. Tweet the developer (@CapcomUSA_) to let them know about our Accessibility Questionnaire.

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