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Summer Catchers Review
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Posted: 10 months ago.

Author: Ben Kendall and @GeekDadGamer.


Summer Catchers is a whimsical adventure about driving across the frozen north to find summer, dodging obstacles and fighting bosses along the way. It's super simple to control but hazards require specific power-up button presses. The trial and error play and light hearted story make it a great game for young players.

You play Chu, as she travels from place to place, encountering characters and taking on quests. In villages you can repair your kart and buy useful items. Travelling is the main part of the game, where you race across the landscape in your kart, which moves continually forward. There are randomly placed obstacles, and you must use the items you acquire to destroy or navigate around them, for example flying over spikes or destroying totems.

Unusually, the items you need to overcome these challenges are randomly selected from your bag, adding an element of randomness which requires strategy and forethought to overcome. The game can be played single player or with a second co-pilot player who can also help you on your journey, making it ideal for parents who want to get involved in their children's games or siblings who want a collaborative play experience.

Its striking retro pixel-art aesthetic and lighthearted soundtrack underscore principal themes of connection, collaboration and respect for nature, and help to make Chu's journey feel more significant and meaningful.

DetailsGame Details

Content Rating: PEGI 3

Release Date: 16/07/2019, updated in 2021

Platforms: Android, Mac, PC, Switch and iOS

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle and Racing

Developer: Noodle Cake Games (@NoodleCakeGames)


Duration: It takes between 2 minutes and 5 minutes to play a round of this game. Each stage is unique and requires some skill to get through, so many runs may end in failure, resulting in longer play sessions of over an hour.
Players: You can play with 2 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online. The game can be played in full in 2 player mode, where a second player is Chu's little brother. In each stage, you take turns to use the items, and in between the levels, the second player can explore and uncover unique secrets. The difficulty scales up when you play as a pair, meaning it's still just as challenging.


Summer Catchers usually costs £8.99.

Summer Catchers

Switch Store Switch £8.99
Does not offer in-game purchases, 'loot boxes' or 'battle/season passes'.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

Rated PEGI 3

In the US, ESRB state: Rated ESRB EVERYONE
Rated 9+ on the Apple App Store for Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence.


We haven't documented accessibility features for this game yet. Our Summer Catchers Accessibility Report details system-wide settings that may help, and suggests similar games with accessibility features. Tweet the developer (@NoodleCakeGames) to let them know about our Accessibility Questionnaire.

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