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Video GameThe Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Review
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Posted: 2 years ago, last updated 3 weeks ago.

Author: @GeekDadGamer, Jo Robertson and Ben Kendall.


This game departs from the previous Zelda formula with the scale and depth of its world. You walk, fly, ride and climb your way through a landscape that varies in climate, terrain, inhabitants and vegetation. Weather and the passage of the sun and moon extend the deep encounter with the fantastical world, but it’s the sense of history in the dilapidated buildings and long-untouched wilds that draw you in. You must work with the land, foraging for food, scaling snow-covered mountains and searching for shade in scalding deserts to continue your quest to uncover its history and restore balance.

This is a magical world that exists not only as a backdrop for adventure but as a living, breathing environment that must be negotiated as intelligently and carefully as any monster you fight.

There are many games in the Zelda series, each received long and focused development from Nintendo:
  • The Legend of Zelda (1986) on NES
  • The Adventure of Link (1987) on NES
  • A Link to the Past (1991) on Super NES and Gameboy Advance, then ported to Wii, Wii U and Switch (as part of Nintendo Online).
  • Link's Awakening (1993) on Gameboy then updated for Switch
  • Ocarina of Time (1998) on Nintendo 64 then updated for 3D on Nintendo 3DS
  • Link’s Awakening DX (1998) on Gameboy Colour
  • Majora's Mask (2000) on Nitendo 64 then updated to 3D on Nintendo 3DS
  • Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages (2001) on Gameboy Colour
  • Four Swords (2002) on Gamecube
  • The Wind Waker (2002) on Gamecube then updated in HD on Wii U
  • Four Swords Adventures (2004) on Gamecube
  • The Minish Cap (2004) on Gameboy Advance
  • Twilight Princess (2006) on Wii then in HD on Wii U
  • Phantom Hourglass (2007) on Nintendo DS
  • Spirit Tracks (2009) on Nintendo DS
  • Skyward Sword (2011) on Wii
  • A Link Between Worlds (2013) on Nintendo 3DS
  • Tri Force Heroes (2015) on Nintendo 3DS
  • Breath of the Wild (2017) on Switch
  • Tears of the Kingdom (2023) on Switch

DetailsGame Details

Release Date: 03/03/2017

Platforms: Switch and Wii U

Content Rating: PEGI 12

Skill Rating: 10+ year-olds

Players: 1

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fighting, Open World, Simulation and Stealth

Accessibility: 12 features

Developer: Nintendo (@Nintendo)




Play Time: This game will take between 50 hours and 200 hours to complete. Varies greatly depending on approach and ability. Most will be able to complete the main threads in 50 hours. But to do everything in the game is a huge challenge, taking over 200 hours over many months.

Play StylePlay Style

This is a single-player game.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

Rated PEGI 12 with violence. This game features frequent non-realistic looking violence towards human-like and animal-like characters. During scenes of violence bright lights are shown on impact of attacks. When the player character Link takes damage he flashes orange, he continues to repeatedly flash red when running very low on health. Some attacks can knock him to the floor for a short time, but he quickly gets up and carries on fighting. When he is defeated he falls down to the floor and the screen reads ‘game over’, there are no visible injuries on his body.

Skill Rating

10+ year-olds usually have the required skill to enjoy this game. Still, it's important for parents and guardians to consider the maturity required to process the game content. Although younger children can enjoy exploring the world, to really play on your own you need combat, navigation and planning skills.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild usually costs £59.99.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Switch Store Wii U £59.99
Switch Store Switch £59.99
Additional in-game purchases are offered for items that enhance the experience. There are substantial in-game purchases for additional story, quests, items and challenges. You can buy these individually or via the "Expansion Pass" that also adds three new treasure chests as well as the two packs:
  • The Master Trials: The Trial of the Sword, Master Mode, Hero's Path Mode, the travel medallion, and new armour.
  • The Champions Balad: The Champions’ Ballad, nine armours you can find while treasure hunting, and an ancient bridle and saddle.

This game supports Nintendo's amiibo, figurines and cards that can be purchased separately to unlock in-game items.


Our The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Accessibility Report documents 12 accessibility features:
You can aim using the controller motion detection. There are also some tilting puzzles you use motion to solve.

Diversity and InclusionDiversity and Inclusion

We haven't documented diversity and inclusion information for this game yet.

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