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Yoku's Island Express Review
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Posted: 11 months ago, last updated 12 weeks ago.

Author: @EamonGaudio, @GeekDadGamer and Jo Robertson.


Yoku's Island Express combines pinball and running and jumping games. You run, bounce and collect special items, engage in battles with fantasy enemies and explore a large open-world. Just like a classic pinball machine you use paddles and bumpers placed around the world to launch Yoku into new areas, unlock secret areas, and battle bosses.

You play Yoku, a beetle attached to a ball who has a new job as a postal worker for Mokumana Island. When you start work you discover that the locals need more than their mail delivered. The island god has fallen into a restless sleep with nightmares causing quakes and storms for the islanders. You explore the island making deliveries all while trying to help the islanders by awakening the island god.

As you progress you use the pinball paddles and bumpers to get around the world. As you explore each screen is a distinct area that is just like a mini pinball table. They have their own obstacles to avoid, lanes to fire down, and skill shots to unlock secret areas and items.

The joy of the game is how these elements come together to tell an endearing story. You may only be pinging Yoku around with the flippers, but in doing this you are saving the day for the island folk you meet.

DetailsGame Details

Content Rating: PEGI 7

Release Date: 29/05/2018

Price: 80% off

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Genres: Action, Adventure, Narrative, Open World, Platform and Puzzle

Accessibility: 12 features

Developer: Yoku Game (@YokuGame)


Duration: This game will take between 6 hours and 12 hours to complete.
Players: This is a single player game.


Yoku's Island Express usually costs £15.99. 

Yoku's Island Express

Does not offer in-game purchases, 'loot boxes' or 'battle/season passes'.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

Rated PEGI 7 because of depictions of non-realistic violence towards fantasy characters.

In the US, ESRB state: g., giant eels, spiders). Battles are depicted in a pinball-machine-style layout, in which players bounce and shoot Yoku at the creatures. Enemy bosses and monsters cry out in pain when struck, and one boss emits splashes of yellow when hit/defeated. One scene depicts Yoku rolling a ball of dung, and another shows a brown “poo coil” surrounded by flies.


The paddles are colour-coded blue for the left paddle and yellow for the right but there are no symbols or any other visual distinction to differentiate right from left paddles. Hitting Yuko into the desired pinball lane sometimes requires precise timing.
Our Yoku's Island Express Accessibility Report documents 12 accessibility features:

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