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Career Pathways

These relate to games that engage the player with a particular career or role. Some of these are games that let you try out a specific job, others let you dip your tow in a variety of roles. They are a great way to see what works for you and find inspiration for the future.

I’ve always had video games in my life. But there are a few that stand out as waypoints on my journey to where I am now. From watching my mum play Tomb Raider, to falling in love with Pharaoh Queen of the Nile these games have offered some unique first-hand learnings that stay with me in my work today.

22/04/2022 / 9 months ago

I enjoyed a range of video games from a young age. At first sight these don't immediately point to a future career and particularly not one as specific as mine. "A traffic engineer works to achieve the optimal traffic conditions for the areas to which they are assigned which, in practice, means achieving smooth-flowing, safe and well-maintained roads and sidewalks."

31/03/2022 / 10 months ago

I’m Daryl Baxter, I write for Tech Radar, specialising in software and apps. I also wrote The Making of Tomb Raider book. This is the story of how video games helped me get here.

12/05/2022 / 9 months ago

I have always enjoyed games that enable you to explore a vast open world. This started with Minecraft at a young age, but developed as I discovered other games that let you not only find another world but hints of the people who lived there.

01/04/2022 / 10 months ago

From a young age John has enjoyed competitive video games, however it took a while for him to find the patience and perseverance to improve at them. He has always had a busy life with various hobbies and pursuits and has had to fit video games around that, but over the years he has worked at them and built considerable progress.

14/03/2022 / 10 months ago

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