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Xbox Gamescom Accessibility Notes Games on PlayStation 2

This page provides a list of the games on the Xbox stand at Gamescom as a simple place for you to access the button mapping and accessibility information for each of them.

  • Game Overview: You can access the game page by tapping or clicking the game thumbnail. This includes the Accessibility section for notes and overview of what's on offer.
  • Accessibility Report: You can click the Accessibility report link to view a full report and details of default key mappings where we have that information. You can access this page directly by clicking the Accessibility features text next to the game.

This list includes 1 game from the last 24 years, with 20 likes.

DetailsPlatform Details

PEGI Ratings: PEGI 12
Australian Ratings: PG
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fighting, Open World, Point-and-Click and Strategy
Era: 1998 - 2019
Total Games: 1
Total Likes: 20

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Age of Empires IV (Series)

Skill Rating: 11+ year-olds

Release Date: 02/02/1998, updated in 2019

Platforms: Mac, PC, PS2 and Xbox One

Age of Empires is a strategy game where you command an ancient civilisation in real-time and must develop from hunter-gatherers to advanced forms of defence and war. This is similar territory to Civilization but focus on...

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