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Best Games by Yager Dev

Spec Ops: The Line

Content Rating: PEGI 18

Release Date: 29/06/2012

Platforms: PC and Xbox 360

Genres: Fighting, Narrative and Shooting

Developer: YAGE Rdev (@YAGERdev)

Players: This is a single player game

Spec Ops: The Line is shooting game played in third-person where you with an emphasis on squad-based tactics, and calling in support technology and firepower. Unusually, the player needs to make moral decisions at certain points during the game that...

The Cycle: Frontier

Content Rating: PEGI 18

Release Date: Coming soon

Price: Free

Platforms: PC

Genres: Action, Open World, Shooting and Strategy

Developer: Yager Dev (@YagerDev)

Players: You can play this with 20 players online

The Cycle: Frontier is a shooting game where you team takes on other players and computer controlled enemies. You mine for resources on a mineral-rich alien world inhabited by monsters and ravaged by storms.

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