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Supporting Game Accessibility

10/01/2021 / 19 months ago / Author: Andy Robertson

We have worked with a range of accessibility experts to add key accessibility data to the database for both video games and board games. This includes areas of Difficulty, Reading, Navigation, Controls, Visuals, Audio and Communication. These 150 data points are designed to highlight accessibility features that video games and board games offer, both from inclusive design and specific accessibility accommodations:
  • Accessibility Search: The accessibility data can be used to discover games with specific features in the Video Game Accessibility Search and the Board Game Accessibility Search. This enables you to select a range of accessibility criteria in addition to age rating, system, genre and costs.
  • Accessibility Report: The accessibility information is also presented on each game's Accessibility Report to highlight the features that the game offers. This page also suggests similar games with more accessibility features in each area.
  • Accessibility Questionnaire: To improve the coverage and accuracy of our accessibility data we provide bespoke accessibility questionnaires to developers to complete. You can use the link on each game page (that doesn't already have accessibility data) to invite a developer to complete the questionnaire.

Once you have used the database to discover games that might be a good match for your requirements, we suggest checking out the reviews on these resources and sites that offer accessibility guidance:

Video Game Accessibility

Board Game Accessibility

In addition to the organisations above, we work with a range of individual experts and consultants to ensure the accessibility data is as accurate and useful as it can be.
  • Brian Chandler. (colour blind board game accessibility) colour blind gamer, designer, developer, proofreader, and reviewer focused on visual accessibility.
  • Michael Heron (senior lecturer in interaction design ) expert and researcher in board game accessibility, computer games, and accessibility in computer games.
  • Sarah Reed (board games) mental health and board game accessibility advocate.
  • Angela Hickman Newnham (accessibility advocate) brings her game design and accessibility expertise to help improve the depth and quality of our data, particularly in the areas of cognitive load.
  • Ian Hamilton (accessibility specialist) has been an ongoing advisor and sounding board for our approach with accessibility and steering the data in some key areas.
  • Brandon Cole (blind accessibility advocate and consultant) has consulted about the accessibility data for sightless players.
  • Sightless (accessibility consultant, gamer without sight) has consulted about the accessibility data for sightless players.
  • Jesse Anderson (low-vision accessibility advocate and consultant) has consulted about the accessibility data for low-vision players.
  • Antonio I. Martínez (accessibility consultant) has consulted about the mobility accessibility data and suggested many games that are now included in the accessibility search.
  • Dr Amy Kavanagh (visually impaired activist and campaigner) provided consultancy about our data for low-vision players and extended our coverage of navigation features.
  • Chris Goodyear (accessibility advocate and business founder) reviewed the deaf and hard of hearing accessibility data and suggested new games to add.
  • Brian (accessibility writer) has helped identify accessibility data for games in the database.
  • Jonah Monaghan (accessibility advocate) has helped enter data on games, contributed to the approach to accessibility game search and worked with the community to enhance the database.
  • Eamon Gaudio (game design student) has contributed accessibility data checking on many games in the database.
  • Adam Kosakowski (specialist in assistive technology) has aided the search for accessible games to add to the database and reviewed the accessibility dataset.
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