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Our Favourite Video Games

10/06/2021 09:13:01 - Author: Andy Robertson

We have 1607 in the database. Even though we only add games that are unique, unusual or particularly interesting for families, that's a lot of games to thumb through. Along with the lists and search our editors pick their favourite games each month.

These are games that stood out not only for excellent execution but also for committing to what makes them unusual right to the end. These games stopped us in our tracks and expanded what we thought games could be. They are like those books you finish and immediately message friends to read it as well, before starting over yourself.

You can view our editor's top games for each year or view them for each of our contributors below:

Ellen's Picks

Ellen is an 18 year old artist and performer from the UK. They love musicals, making fan art and portraits of their friends. They stream on Twitch and are part of The Last of Us community on Twitter.

Rich's Picks

Rich is a website developer with many years experience. Although he had enjoyed playing video games over the years, it was only when he started the database with Andy that he rediscovered how much he enjoyed them. He loves games where you have to solve puzzles to progress, seems to be drawn to bright colours and enjoys collaborative games that he can play with his nieces:

Jo's Picks

Jo has worked as an antenatal teacher, classroom assistant, school cook and has recently trained to teach English as a second language. She is married to Andy and they have three children (13, 16 and 18). She enjoys games they can play with the family and where you interact with alien creatures:

Rowan's Picks

Rowan is just starting their A-Levels where they will study Psychology, Sports and Biology. They enjoy competitive games and have worked up through the Rocket Leagues ranks. They also enjoy frisbee and other team sports. Games are another way to compete, but also an important point of connect with friends for them:

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