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Best Games by Draknek on Web Browser

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Genres: Brain Game, Narrative, Platform, Puzzle, Sequencing, Simulation and Traversal
Era: 2011 - 2015
Total Games: 3
Total Likes: 1


You're Pulleying My Leg

Release Date: 28/04/2014

Out Now: Web

Components: 2D Side-On and Grid

You're Pulleying My Leg is a running around puzzle game where you move mirrors to reflect a beam of light down into a mine, destroying blocks and letting you reach the secret within. While it sounds simple, it requires a great deal of persistence,...

These Robotic Hearts of Mine

Release Date: 23/10/2011

Out Now: Amazon Fire, Web and iOS

Components: 2D Overhead and Grid

These Robotic Hearts of Mine is a narrative puzzle game where you uncover a metaphorical story by completing levels. Unusually, the levels don't tell the story directly. They are difficult rotation-based Rubik's cube-inspired puzzles. But they are also...

Train Braining

Release Date: 02/03/2015

Out Now: Web

Skill Rating: 10+ year-olds

Components: 2D Overhead and Grid

Train Braining is a puzzle game where you lay train track to then deliver passengers to their required platforms. While sounds simple, but due to the minimal passenger room on your train and the layout of each miniature level, the solution is rarely as...

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