Invite Developers To Complete Accessibility Questionnaire

15/07/2021 - 10 days ago


As part of our work to extend the coverage and accuracy of the accessibility data, we have worked with experts to create an Accessibility Questionnaire for developers to complete. This not only updates accessibility data in the database for their game but creates a powerful context for them to discover a wide range of accessibility features to consider adding.

Video Games The Right Length For Your Busy Lives

13/07/2021 - 12 days ago


We all have different amounts of time available to play games in our lives. When children come along how much time we have to play games changes again. Games have to fit in around everything else going on.

Video Games For Children Of Different Ages

28/06/2021 - 3 weeks ago


You can search for video games on the database on the basis of their content and skill level:

Hobbies for Gamers

17/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


'But there's nothing else to do,' is a common refrain from a child who has been stopped from playing yet another hour of video games. 'I just want to chill out with my friends,' is another emotion children point to when their play time has been limited.

When Video Games Get Out Of Control

17/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


Everything we’ve discussed so far is all well and good, but doesn’t there come a time when enough is enough – or, rather, too much is too much? Engaging with video games, having healthy conversations about them and guiding your child’s play sounds good on paper. But what about children at the extreme end of the spectrum, where common sense and balance has become impossible in the face of obsession?

Engage With Your Child's Video Games

17/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


Some children love video games more than other forms of play. The common thinking is that they were susceptible to the tricks of a powerful industry with coercive technology. They got distracted from healthier hobbies.

The Benefits of Video Games

17/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


Understanding the role that video games have in a child’s life not only clears space for parents and carers to guide them towards healthy habits but uncovers the benefits that video games have to offer.

Seven Truths About Video Games

17/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


Video games are relatively new. They may have been around for many years, but we are still only just starting to understand what they are and what that means for us and our children.

Persuasive Video Games

17/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


Video games aren't what they first appear to be. It's easy to assume they are only junk food, and see our job as minimising them in the lives of children. It's common to see them as powerfully persuasive and tricking children into playing longer than they want to.

Video Game Moral Panic

17/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


‘If you’re worried about video games’ effects on children, why not just keep them out of the house?’ … ‘You wouldn’t leave your child with a bottle of vodka in their room, so why a video game?’ … ‘It’s simple, read the age ratings and just say no!’ … ‘Just limit them to an hour a day if they’ve done their homework and chores.’ … ‘Say no to the brats.’ … ‘Don’t let games rewire your child’s brain.’

Video Game Worries

17/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


If video games invite children to new worlds that build character, sociability, well-being, intuition and intelligence then why do we read so many scary stories about them creating violent behaviour, being addictive, encouraging gambling or enabling unwanted interactions with strangers?

Video Game Online Strangers

17/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


The video games I played growing up were offline. If I wanted to play against someone else, I would have to take my console and large, heavy television to their house and fiddle with the network settings before we could play. It was exciting, but the complexity meant it was something for special occasions.

Video Game Loot Boxes and Gambling

17/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


In the past video games have struggled to maintain profits from young audiences. The industry has pursued a variety of business models, from targeted family games on the Wii to movie tie-ins and selling toys that unlock in-game characters and levels as in Skylanders. This area of the market is still changing at a rapid pace.

Video Game Addiction

16/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


Addiction is a worrying word for parents and carers of children who play a lot of video games. Children are absorbed by the gaming screen, twitching and grimacing as they play and often unaware of the world around them. They can find it hard to stop when asked to come to the table for mealtimes, do homework or go to bed. They appear to be obsessive and compulsive about their gaming.

Video Game Violence

16/06/2021 - 5 weeks ago


Video games often involve violent virtual content. The exuberance and excitement of shooting or fighting have been fertile territory for big-budget games, not dissimilar in approach to blockbuster films. Add to this the competitive and interactive satisfaction of hitting a target with a gun and you can see why some video games have been drawn to taking this approach.

Family Video Game Database Contact Details

11/06/2021 - 6 weeks ago


We are a small grass-roots team working on the database. Many of the best features of the database, and many of our favourite games have been added because of readers getting in touch with suggestions.

Family Video Game Database Press Coverage

11/06/2021 - 6 weeks ago


If you would like to write about the database or are looking for comment on video games, violence, addiction, gambling and online harms, our editor Andy Robertson is available for appearances, interviews and quotes. You can call him on 07540 717270 or Press Contact email.

Minecraft Online Multiplayer Guide

18/12/2020 - 7 months ago


Everything you need to know about getting Minecraft working online for you and your wider family. Which systems support split screen. Getting online with split-screen for more players. Playing with people on different platforms. What subscriptions you need: Realms Plus, Xbox Live Gold, PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Online and Microsoft accounts.

PC or Console? Which Is Right For Your Family

11/11/2020 - 8 months ago


It is becoming increasingly popular for children to want a Gaming PC rather than a dedicated Console. This is a computer with a dedicated graphics card to run games and a gamepad or gaming mouse for controls. It offers access to a wider range of games, is useful for other activities like homework, video and music editing or programming and can be upgraded rather than replaced when it's out of date. However, it is a more expensive and complex option than a console.

Xbox, PlayStation or Switch? Which Is Right For Your Family

27/10/2020 - 9 months ago


When you are deciding which console to buy for your family there is plenty of advice about which is best: Switch, Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5. This page has all the information to help you make this choice.

Video Game Accessibility Data

04/05/2020 - 14 months ago


We have worked with a range of accessibility experts to add key accessibility data to the database for game Difficulty, Reading, Navigation, Controls, Visuals, Audio and Communication. These 100 or so data points are designed to highlight accessibility features that video games offer, both from inclusive design and specific accessibility settings.

Recently Added Curated Lists

09/04/2020 - 15 months ago


This is the heart of our database: a list of lists. Each one is hand picked to help a family we’ve worked with and aims to bring together a collection of games around an unusual theme. You can refine these lists on the search page by clicking the headings and then using the filters.

About Family Video Game Database

08/04/2020 - 15 months ago


The Family Video Game Database has been created to help parents, carers and guardians gain a deeper understanding of video games. Through unusual lists of games, detailed search and alternative suggestions we connect families with amazing, affordable video games that are valued by adults and children.

Curated Lists of Amazing Video Games that Parents Love

11/03/2020 - 16 months ago


This is the heart of our database: a list of lists. Each one is hand-picked to help a family we’ve worked with and aims to bring together a collection of games around an unusual theme. You can refine these lists on the search page by clicking the headings and then using filters:

Taming Gaming Book

04/03/2020 - 16 months ago


The Taming Gaming book and this Family Video Game Database are designed to complement each other. The database is searchable and updated every day, while the book is a longer, slower look at the detail of video games and children's health. Together they aim equip you with confidence and literacy to take action in this area of your child's life so they can get the most from it and you can enjoy it as well.

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The information on this database is designed to support and complement the in-depth discussion and advice about video game "addiction", violence, spending and online safety in the Taming Gaming book. If you have any concerns or questions in these areas, email our editor who is quick to respond or can arrange for a one-to-one conversation.

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