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Curated Lists of Amazing Video Games that Parents Love

11/03/2020 07:46:25

Author: Andy Robertson

This is the heart of our database: a list of lists. Each one is hand-picked to help a family we’ve worked with and aims to bring together a collection of games around an unusual theme. You can refine these lists on the search page by clicking the headings and then using filters:


Accessibility Lists

Games that have been designed to be inclusive of a wide range of players, as well as including specific accessibility settings for further tailoring the experience. You can search for specific features in our accessibility search.


Age Related Lists

These are lists of games that are designed with a specific age of player in mind. Sometimes this is about the age of a child, but also this can be for a particular stage of life. The group also includes lists of games where ageing and time passing is the theme.


Award Winners Lists

There are many different video game awards. But over time a few of these have become the benchmark of which games have excelled each year. Awards like BAFTA are helpful to find games but also to illustrate the artistic, educational or culturally significant experiences.


Competition Lists

These are lists that focus on the competitive side of video games. Whether that's esports titles, or simply games that are great for families to compete against each other, they are all player versus player experiences.


Connection Lists

These are lists of games that focus on the connection between people and communities. The lists highlight different ways that games can connect us with existing friends, as well as being a place to make new connections.


Digital Play Lists

These are lists of games that focus on digital interaction that mimics or takes a lead from physical traditional play. This highlights how games can be the new playground or toybox for children. Not to replace these things, but to offer them in a new way that inspires creativity and engagement with the world.


Digital Stories Lists

There are lists of games that tell stories in different ways. Like novels, picture books, movies and theatre, video games can create narratives. However, they do this in new and unexpected ways. These lists uncover some different styles of storytelling in video games.


Educational Lists

Lists of games with different educational benefits. Along with games that are designed to be educational, these lists include games that can inspire learning and knowledge because of the worlds and stories they create. The collateral learning uncovered here is a glimpse into the ways games can help children learn about themselves, their community and the world.


Getting Started Lists

These are lists of games for people who don't play many video games. They include lists games that are a good place to start if you've never played, as well as lists of games that can expand your horizons in terms of the breadth of games on offer.


Identity Lists

These lists offer video games that help us understand ourselves and our place in the world. This uncovers the important identity work that players are often doing in the games they play. List dress-up and role-play in the play room, video games offer a chance for us to be someone else for a while. Building understanding and compassion for ourselves and others.


Locale Lists

Fundamental to the medium is its ability to create a space and invite you into it. These spaces can be somewhere to escape. Somewhere to see your own world more clearly from. They can be zones where you can behave in a way you wouldn't in real life. The locale of the video games we play can be as powerful as any character, interaction or achievement. The places that games create stay with us like the memory of the views from a mountain.


Mental Health Lists

These are lists of games that are helpful for mental health. This includes lists of games that have been helpful for specific mental health challenges, as well as lists of games that help us understand the challenge faced by the people we love. Some of the lists are designed to be used as a source of games that offer wellbeing in different ways.


Motion Gaming Lists

These are lists of games that can be played with different sorts of motion controls. These lists focus on the options for different hardware and controllers, but also uncover the unusual interactions and physical engagement that video games offer.

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