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Video GameDevil Daggers Review
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Posted: 10 weeks ago, last updated 9 weeks ago.

Author: @GeekDadGamer and Jo Robertson.


Devil Daggers is an intense and fast shooting game where you try and survive an abyssal arena with waves of demons. You survive by moving around and using your versatile magic daggers to deal with the latest monstrous creature.

The game draws on the 1990s first person shooting games like Doom and differentiates itself from more recent shooting game with a focus on speed and reactions. It keeps things simple. You can move and you can shoot. With these simple mechanics it's down to your skill to survive long enough to make it onto the global leaderboards.

It's a game where you try, fail and try again. At first it seems impossible but soon you find ways to explore and exploit the game's systems. The game's physics and movements encourage you to find fluid ways to get past enemies or find the right angle for the critical attack.

DetailsGame Details

Release Date: 18/02/2016

Platforms: Mac and PC

Expected Content Rating: PEGI 12

Skill Rating: 11+ year-olds

Players: 1

Genres: Action, Shooting and Traversal

Accessibility: 6 features

Developer: Sorath Dev (@SorathDev)




Play Time: It takes between 1 minute and half an hour to play a round of this game.

Play StylePlay Style

This is a single-player game.

You can play this game in the following styles:

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

This game has not yet been rated, but we anticipate it is likely to be rated PEGI 12.

The game depicts demons, skulls, skeletons, monsters and the fires of hell. Although this is visualised with styalised rather than realistic visuals.

Skill Rating

11+ year-olds usually have the required skill to enjoy this game. Still, it's important for parents and guardians to consider the maturity required to process the game content. It's a game of high skill and reaction.


Devil Daggers usually costs £6.99.

Devil Daggers

Steam Store PC £6.99
Steam Store Mac £6.99
There are no additional in-game purchases, loot boxes, adverts or subscription costs.


Our Devil Daggers Accessibility Report documents 6 accessibility features:
You move with WASD keys on the keyboard and aim with the mouse. Tap left mouse button to fires a shotgun-like blast. Hold down left mouse button to fire a never-ending stream of daggers, like a machine gun.

The game offers positional audio and some enemies make distinct noises that can alert you to their position. Large horned skulls make a low-pitch laughing sound that gets louder. Spiders make a slimy crawling sound once they spawn.

You can adjust the elements on the Head Up Display with default keys 1,2,3,4.

Diversity and InclusionDiversity and Inclusion

We haven't documented diversity and inclusion information for this game yet.

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