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FIFA 21 (Series) Review

Game image FIFA 21
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Posted: A year ago, last updated 4 days ago.

Author: @GeekDadGamer and Jo Robertson.


FIFA is one of the two main football video games (the other being Pro Evolution). Each year it's released with improved visuals, more realistic physics and enhanced competitive play. For those that follow the game closely and play it a lot, it offers a window into the world of professional football and has become a sport in its own right.

The level of simulation and modelling of the game of football here is impressive. Large teams of passionate developers push the bar each year to deliver an experience that is one of the best selling in the world of video games.

A large part of recent FIFA games has been the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode where you earn players and build your ultimate team to compete online. As well as winning currency by playing matches you can also buy packs of player cards in a similar way to collecting Panini Football Stickers. Parents need to understand that this purchase offers a game of chance where you may get a valuable player or yet another Peter Beardsley, to continue my Panini analogy.

One downside of a statistics-driven football experience is that if you score the perfect goal, some of this was down to the shooting skill of the player you were controlling at the time. More pure physics-based games like Rocket League and Fortnite escape this issue and focus solely on player skill.

It's worth noting that if you are willing to play with out of date players, you can opt for older versions of FIFA for a fraction of the price. These older versions may no longer support online play.

DetailsGame Details


Release Date: 15/12/1993, updated in 2020

Platforms: Android, Mac, Nintendo 2DS|3DS, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and iOS

Genres: Action, Simulation and Sports

Developer: @EA


Duration: This game will take between 10 minutes and half an hour to complete. Recent versions of the game include a story mode that takes around 5 hours to complete. Games of FIFA can be adjusted to different lengths.
Players: You can play with 4 players in the same room and up to 4 players online. Most console versions support 4 player local play. FIFA 13 on Wii U offers 5 players with one person using the Gamepad. You can also use the Gamepad in novel interactions like changing tactics, targeted shooting and look-up mode to see other players.


You can try this game in a free demo. Additional in-game purchases are offered for items that enhance the experience. Some of these purchases (known as 'loot boxes') are for a chance of getting rare/higher-value items although common/lower-value items are more frequent. You can purchase packs of players for us in the FIFA Ultimate Team that have a chance of being either rare or common players. This is achieved via FIFA Points (bundles up to £79.99) brought with real money. This game is free with Origin Access. This game is free with EA Access.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

This game has been rated ESRB EVERYONE.


FIFA 2021 was rated PEGI 3+ Suitable for all ages. Volta Football is a new mode in FIFA 20. It is street football and comes with a story. Some cutscenes depict a heated debate with angry people yelling at each other (without swearing). As is typical in football, it is possible to tackle players. Some of these tackles may leave a player injured. Injury detail is never visibly depicted.

The VSC also highlight that, this game offers players the opportunity to purchase in-game items in the form of player packs and in-game currency which some parents or carers may want to be aware of. Parents, carers or other responsible adults should check to see what is being offered before making any purchase on behalf of a child. It should be noted that the game can still be played without the need to purchase such items.

Users Interact: The game enables players to interact and communicate with each other, so may expose players to language usually associated with older rated games.


Accessibility settings for FIFA 21: Different difficulty settings, balance teams and give better players a disadvantage. Change the speed of the game. Adjust the difficulty of individual aspects of play. There is some reading of stats and scores during the game. Subtitles provided in the story mode of the game.

You can remap controls and keyboard, and use the mouse to move, but can't use one/two-button or mouse modes in ranked online matches. You can set the position and zoom of the camera. Large player indicators. Colourblind friendly mode. Adjust the brightness and contrast. Sound and game effects volume separate. There's an option to have menus read out audibly.

Speech-to-Text, to convert spoken words from other users to text. Text-to-Speech tp convert typed messages to speech for other users to hear.


How you can adjust the challenge of play, and assistance the game offers when you fail or get stuck.

Customise Difficulty: Customise different aspects of the game.

Adjustable Anytime: You can adjust the difficulty while playing.

Adjust Speed: Adjust the overall speed of the game, or rewind play for a second attempt, to ease reaction times.


View Control Mapping: You can view a map of controls during play.

Practice Area: You can practice freely without opponents or time pressures.

Tutorials: There are helpful tutorials, instructions and tips.


How much reading or listening comprehension is required, and how accessible this is.

Simple Minimal Reading: Minimal reading is required.

Large Clear Text: Text is large and clear, or can be adjusted to be.

Any spoken content has subtitles: All spoken content has subtitles, or there is no speech in the game.


How you control the game, different options for alternative inputs and whether you can remap these settings to suit your needs.


Required inputs for the game, or that can be setup with remapping.

1 Button: Can play with single button.

Multiple Buttons & Single Stick: Can play with multiple buttons and a stick.

Mouse And Keyboard

Keyboard Alone: Can play with just the keyboard.

Mouse Alone: Can play with just the mouse/mouse button/mouse wheel.

Mouse and Keys: Can play with mouse and multiple keys.

Remap Controls

You can customise the controls for the game as follows:

Remap Buttons: Re-map all buttons/keys.

Remap Mouse and Keyboard: Remap mouse and keyboard.

Rapid Pressing Optional: Quick, repeated button pressing not required or can be skipped or disabled.

Vibration Optional: Controller vibration not used in the game or you can disable it.


How you can adjust the visuals to suit your needs, and offer additional information if you can't hear the game.

Bright Colourful Palette: Game uses bright colours and is generally high contrast.

Motion sickness friendly: Option to reduce motion sickness (motion blur, depth of field, field of vision).


How you can adjust the audio of the game and whether audio cues compensate for aspects of the game that are hard to see.

Balance Audio Levels: Set music and game sound effects separately.

Visual Cues for Audio Events: Text or other visual indicators of audio events.

Play Without Hearing: No audio cues are necessary to play the game well


How you can communicate with other players in the game and what options are available to customise and control this interaction.

Player-to-Player Communication

Text Chat: Chat to other players by typing text.

Voice Chat: Chat to other players by speaking with headset.

Text to Voice: Sent text messages as voice to other players.

Voice to Text: Convert voice from other players to text messages.

System Settings

Android has accessibility settings including ways to navigate and interact, although not all games support this. Nintendo Switch has some built-in features, including a lockable zoom, that can be used on all games. The Wii has a few helpful settings, like disable rumble, but you have to use gesture controls for most games and the system menu. The Wii U has some limited settings, such as disabling rumble and selecting mono audio. PlayStation 4 has a range of accessibility settings. Some are system only, some work in games (invert colours and button mapping). Xbox One has a system features, the excellent co-pilot share controls mode and adaptive controller support for all games. iOS has a very extensive suite of accessibility settings including ways to navigate with voice and comprehensive screen reading, though most of the features don't work with games... read more about system accessibility settings.

Supported by PlayabilityInitiative and accessibility contributors: @GlamAndGeeky and @GeekDadGamer

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