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Platforms: Android, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Web Browser, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and iOS

Genres: Physically Active and Rhythm

Released: November 2009, updated in 2020. Added to this library 4 months ago, last updated 10 weeks ago.


Dancing in front of each other isn’t something we often do in families. Just Dance is released with new songs and features each year. It gets parents, carers, children and even grandparents off the couch and dancing along with the on-screen moves. Players hold a motion-sensitive controller or stand in front of a camera (PlayStation Camera, Xbox Kinect Camera) that tracks how well they are pulling off each dance move. It’s super-simple, with on-screen dancers who demonstrate each move and a prompt of what’s next at the bottom.

With themed dancers depicted in silhouette and bright visuals, it’s doesn’t take itself or the competitive dancing too seriously. Giggling because you can’t get the moves right, or at parents strutting their stuff, Just Dance is a unique way to bring the family together to get fit and have a laugh.

Although the Just Dance games have developed over the years, you may want to pick one based on the songs they include. Like yearly greatest-hits albums, Just Dance picks popular songs from the year to dance to. There are also special editions focusing on Abba, Disney, hip and show tunes that can be a good option if you have fans of those genres.

Although the game is rated for children, it’s worth noting that the nature of some songs is more mature. Just Dance 2020 includes lyrics about alcohol and sex. There’s a ‘Kids Mode’ in recent versions of the game that provides dances tailored towards younger players and specially selected kid-friendly songs. There is also a Just Dance Kids series of the game with songs for even younger dancers.

Just Dance Now (iOS, Android, web browser, Apple TV or Chromecast) offers the Just Dance formula without the need for a console and lots of controllers. You load the Justdancenow.com page on your computer or television, then connect your smartphone app to play. The phone is your controller and you can play with as many people as you want, locally or online. After the free trial, you can purchase a VIP pass for a specified duration to access more of the 500 songs available.

This game is good if you want to play BAFTA nominated games, connect with grandparents, have silly fun together, dip your toe into online games or exercise without realising it.


Duration: It takes between 2 minutes and 6 minutes to play a round of this game. Although each dance takes a few minutes, perfecting them all will take a considerable time. There is then the competitive element to the game that extends things further.
Players: You can play with 6 players in the same room and up to 64 players online. 1–4 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U and 1-6 on Xbox One with Kinect camera and Nintendo Switch. You can use your Smartphone as a controller for up to 6 players to save buying lots of gamepads.

Cross-Play: The World Dance Floor mode is an online competition where you compete in dances of 64 players across any platform to gain points on the leaderboard. There are special team and individual events (Team Battle) that you compete in. You can play this mode across any platform of the latest game. You see other people's names, country and in-game icon but there's no other communication. You need either an Unlimited Membership or play during the free Happy Hours event each day to access it.


You can try this game in a free demo. Additional in-game purchases are offered for items that enhance the experience. This includes a regular subscription fee (known as a 'battle/season pass') to unlock access to reward items and other aspects of the game.

You can purchase more songs to dance to in-game. There is a drive towards the Just Dance Unlimited pass that gives you full access to 400 songs. This subscription can be for a varying length of time from as little as 24 hours if you are planning a party. There are also free Happy Hours events in the game that grant access to songs for an hour at a particular time of day.

You don’t need a paid subscription to play this game online.


PEGI 3 with in-app purchases.

This game has been rated ESRB EVERYONE 10+.

Users Interact: The game enables players to interact and communicate with each other, so may expose players to language usually associated with older rated games.


System settings: Android has accessibility settings including ways to navigate and interact, although not all games support this. Nintendo Switch has some built-in features, including a lockable zoom, that can be used on all games. The Wii has a few helpful settings, like disable rumble, but you have to use gesture controls for most games and the system menu. The Wii U has some limited settings, such as disabling rumble and selecting mono audio. Windows has extensive accessibility features. Some, like colour correction, work with games. Lots of accessibility software can be used with PC games, from voice recognition to input device emulators. PlayStation 4 has a range of accessibility settings. Some are system only, some work in games (invert colours and button mapping). Xbox One has a wide range of system features including some that can be used on all games, like the excellent co-pilot mode. iOS has a very extensive suite of accessibility settings including ways to navigate with voice and comprehensive screen reading, though most of the features don't work with games... read more.

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The following games address a similar topic or offer a similar way to play. They are good options to play after Just Dance, and also offer a range of alternatives for different age ratings.


Platforms: iOS Apple Arcade

Genres: Action, Creative, Puzzle and Rhythm

Duration: Between 5 minutes and 10 minutes to play a round.

Players: This is a single player game.

Costs: Purchase cost.

This is a game about fishing and music. You drop your line into the water, catch a fish and make music along the way. There are different animal DJ's to choose, each with a different sound and 21 different underwater courses to fish in.

Pianista: The Legendary Virtuoso

Platforms: Android, Nintendo Switch and iOS

Genres: Action, Puzzle and Rhythm

Duration: Between 3 minutes and 4 minutes to play a round.

Players: You can play with 2 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online.

Costs: Free-to-start. In-game purchases.

Pianista: The Legendary Virtuoso is a rhythm game where you play classical piano music by pressing buttons in time with each note. This starts easily buy builds up so you are playing complex pieces of music from a range of composers.

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

Platforms: Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Genres: Action, Physically Active and Rhythm

Duration: Between 8 hours and 12 hours to complete.

Players: You can play with 2 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online.

Costs: Purchase cost. In-game purchases.

Fantasia is an Xbox Kinect camera dancing game using your whole body. Its narrative follows Disney’s Fantasia film as you take a musical journey to earn your sorcerer’s hat. Sweeping your arms to trigger the orchestra, pointing out high notes with...

Run An Empire

Platforms: Android and iOS

Genres: Action, Adventure, Physically Active and Strategy

Duration: Between 15 minutes and 1 hour to play a round.

Players: This is a single player game.

Costs: Free-to-start. In-game purchases.

Run an Empire is a combination of real-world running and a strategy game where you battle other players for land and resources. Once setup you run around your neighbourhood, which in the game is divided into small hexagons. As you encircle areas in the...


Platforms: Android and iOS

Genres: Physically Active and Puzzle

Duration: Between 3 minutes and 5 minutes to play a round.

Players: You can play with 2 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online.

Costs: Purchase cost.

Bounden is a smartphone dance game that gets players to use their bodies. Two people hold opposite ends of one smartphone then move together to keep a cursor over the ball.

Mario Party (Series)

Platforms: Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U

Genres: Action, Fighting, Puzzle, Racing, Sports and Strategy

Duration: Between half an hour and 45 minutes to complete.

Players: You can play with 4 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online.

Costs: Purchase cost.

Mario Party (Wii, Wii U, 3DS and Gamecube) is an interactive board game. Players compete in different mini-games to earn the chance to throw dice and proceed around the board. You play as Nintendo characters and take on challenges that make use of the...

Jump Rope Challenge

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Genres: Action and Rhythm

Duration: Between 5 minutes and 10 minutes to complete.

Players: You can play with 2 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online.

Costs: Free.

Jump Rope Challenge is a virtual skipping game were you hold the Switch controllers like rope handles and skip. The game displays an on-screen counter and you can play with another person at the same time as you compete for a high score.

Ring Fit Adventure

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fighting and Physically Active

Duration: Between 5 minutes and 1 hour to play a round.

Players: You can play with 2 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online.

Costs: Purchase cost.

This is a running and jumping adventure game with a difference. You control your character with the circular plastic Ring-Con in your hands and Leg-Strap on your leg. The game can then tell how much you are moving and relate that to progress in the game.

Joust Mania

Platforms: Mac, PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

Genres: Action, Fighting and Physically Active

Players: You can play with 16 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online.

Costs: Free.

This movement-sensitive game of tag is played in the real world, holding PlayStation Move motion controllers. First appearing as one of the games in the Sportsfriends pack, and then evolving as Joust Mania with more modes and up to 16 players, it’s an...

That’s You!

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Genres: Creative and Puzzle

Duration: Between 40 minutes and 45 minutes to complete.

Players: You can play with 6 players in the same room and up to 6 players online.

Costs: Purchase cost.

That's You! is a family quiz game played on the PlayStation using Android or iOS phones/tablets as controllers. The game displays a challenge on the main TV screen that each player tries to complete on the device in their hand.

The Gunstringer

Platforms: Xbox 360

Genres: Action, Narrative, Physically Active, Platform, Puzzle and Shooting

Duration: Between 6 hours and 8 hours to complete.

Players: This is a single player game.

Costs: Purchase cost.

The Gunstringer is an Xbox Kinect camera game where you use your body to control a cowboy puppet and shoot the villains by forming a gun with your fingers. You can play with two people working together, with one player controlling the character’s...

PaRappa the Rapper

Platforms: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Portable

Genres: Rhythm

Duration: Between 2 hours and 4 hours to complete.

Players: You can play with 2 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online.

Costs: Purchase cost.

PaRappa the Rapper is a bizarre rhythm game where you play a paper-thin rapping dog trying to win the heart of a flower-faced girl. You do this by pressing buttons to rap in time with the music to impress her. It creates a silly yet endearing game about...

Elite Beat Agents

Platforms: Nintendo DS

Genres: Narrative and Rhythm

Duration: Between 4 hours and 6 hours to complete.

Players: This is a single player game.

Costs: Purchase cost.

This simple rhythm game requires you to tap the screen in time with the music to advance a story. Each song matches the pictorial narrative that intersperses each verse: getting a pregnant woman to the hospital; materialising a Christmas gift to a...

Just Dance is in These Lists

In addition to the similar games listed above, which have been linked to this game specifically in the database, you may find games with a similar theme to Just Dance in the following lists:

Embrace Silliness

The games in this section have been selected because they get players doing absurd activities and chuckling together. It’s tongue-in-cheek entertainment with challenges that don’t take themselves too seriously – not seriously at all, in fact. Video games have their roots in fun and play. This makes them an excellent way to forget the worries of the day and dive into some silly fun together.

Whether it's the crazy puzzles in Baba is You or Twister-like contorsions of Fru or stomach churningly difficulty of walking in Octodad Deadliest Catch, these are games that will make you shreek and laugh together. Then there are silly multiplayer games like Super Pole Riders, Heave Ho or Wii Party where parents, carers and children take on bizarre or precarious challenges. The play often descends into giggling and laughter.

BAFTA Nominated Games

The British Academy Games Awards are presented annually to recognise, honour and reward outstanding creative achievement in Games. The awards categories reflect the wealth and diversity of the games sector.

The awards started in 2004 and are presented by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). For parents, they are a great way of discovering brilliant games to play in their family. The games included here are from the:
  • The Family Games award highlights games that will work really well for parents and children. These often include multiplayer features and feature a cast of family-friendly characters.
  • The Games Beyond Entertainment award is also of interest as this highlights more unusual games with an emphasis on storytelling that addresses topics that parents may find appealing themselves.


Get Fit Playing Great Games

There are lots of games that help you exercise and stay fit. We've pulled together a list of the best of these; games that don't just incentivise activity with on-screen rewards but that integrated the workout into the gameplay. We all know about Wii Sports but there are so many other ways that video games can help you stay healthy and active while you can't get out as much.

First Steps Into Online Video Games

One of the most exciting aspects of modern video games is playing with other people online. It's a big step from playing something like Mario Kart with family and friends in the same room to going online to play with people you don't know.

The games in this list offer small steps to go from local play to online play. Some games, like Roblox are designed for young players with lots of special safety settings. Other games, like Sky, are designed to lead players into co-operating with each other with in-game purchases you give away, and interactions that start limited and expand as you gain experience. Then there are co-operative games like Ibb and Obb where you work together and communicate with gestures on the screen.

You can use Family Settings and Parental Controls on your system to limit how your child interacts with other players online. As well as finding the right games to get them started, it's also important that you play with them and keep game screens in shared family spaces so you can see what they are doing.

Ease Loneliness With Intergenerational Games

There are many reasons, stages of life and circumstances that can leave us feeling isolated and lonely (and of course at the moment this is intensified with the virus lockdown). Being unable to be in the same place as loved ones. Not understanding the modern world. Barriers of mobility or impairments. Social anxiety and other mental health issues.

Video games are one way that we can reconnect with each other, without needing to be in the same place. Finding games to play online with grandparents and carers is not only a good way to keep in touch but a lot of fun.

Image 171 The games on this page are part of the PLAY&TALK Weekend, which has launched in time for National Loneliness Awareness Week, aims to reduce feelings of isolation by getting people to talk with friends or family safely online. Backed by over 30 companies in the games industry, the Play&Talk weekend hopes to initiate 10,000 extra conversations across the UK through the power of games.
All the games have been select to be easy to play for new gamers and many of them have been used in a broad range of cultural settings, being incorporated into Cathedral services, arts festivals, well-being retreats and educational contexts.
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