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Posted: 7 months ago, last updated 6 months ago.

Author: Andy Robertson.


This is a game on the Wii about catching. It's created by Prope, who made the Sonic the Hedgehog games. You use the Wii Remote controller to motion a catch or a throw to a player in the game. The challenge is to learn how to press the button just right and move your hand enough to catch or throw the ball perfectly.

To distract you while you are playing, and make it a little harder, the different characters with which you are playing catch tell you about their lives. Whether intentionally or not, this creates an experience that addresses weighty topics in a light and unusual way.

As you progress through the levels you revisit each character and learn more about how their lives have developed. One young child, for example, tells you about her parents arguing in the early stages. "Let me tell you about my dad. He is always working." Later you find that his dad "Had to move out for work" and he finds it "Weird not having him around." It's a sad story that doesn't offer a glib happy ending but is also hopeful because of the simple enjoyment of the catching interaction.

You can purchase Let's Catch by accessing the Wii Shop Channel on the Wii. You can also buy it on the Wii U, by selecting Wii Mode and then the Wii Shop channel in the same way.

A similar game from the same developer, although without the narrative aspect, is Let's Tap. To play this you place a box on the table and lay the Wii Remote on it. You then control the game by tapping the box in time with the actions on the screen: running, jumping, sprinting. You can play this with up to four people. Other modes include tapping in time to musical beats, tapping to pull away blocks and topple towers, controlling a character through a maze of floating mines and a fireworks mode where you tap to make pretty patterns.



Release Date: 15/06/2009

Platforms: Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U.

Genres: Action, Narrative and Rhythm.



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Duration: This game will take between 3 hours and 4 hours to complete.
Players: You can play with 4 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online. Let's Catch has single-player story modes and multiplayer modes for up to four players. There's also a free play more for families who just want to play catch with each other.

Let's Tap let's up to four people compete against each other.


Does not offer in-game purchases, 'loot boxes' or 'battle/season passes'.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

This game has been rated PEGI 3+.

This game has been rated ESRB EVERYONE.


Accessibility for this game is as follows:
System Settings

The Wii has a few helpful settings, like disable rumble, but you have to use gesture controls for most games and the system menu. The Wii U has some limited settings, such as disabling rumble and selecting mono audio... read more about system accessibility settings.

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