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Littlewood Review

Game image Littlewood
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Posted: 10 months ago, last updated 2 weeks ago.

Author: @GeekDadGamer, @boersc and Jo Robertson.


Littlewood (coming to Switch soon) is a town and farming simulator a little like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing. Here though, the twist is that the game is set after a grand adventure. You beat the boss, return home, but now have to decide what to do with your life.

You start with a town that's a mess of trees and weeds, but over time you can turn it into a thriving community. To do this you need to earn tools, harvest materials, build and upgrade your property. Harvest materials by chopping wood, mining ores, catching bugs, and fishing in rivers and ponds! Unlock new structures to build by meeting new Townsfolk.

It adds in a wider range of activities to the farming, including mining, woodcutting, bug catching, fishing, cooking, crafting, trading and even tarot reading. You can also strike up relationships with people who move into your town, which in turn opens new possibilities to develop your post-victory life.

Throughout, the game sticks to its post-adventure story. There's no way to get weapons or defeat the monsters. You simply have to decide how to make a life that makes sense of the heroic deads already done.

DetailsGame Details

Rating: Not rated by PEGI or ESRB

Release Date: 18/06/2019

Platforms: Mac, Nintendo Switch and PC

Genres: Open World, Simulation and Strategy

Developer: @SeanYoungSG


Duration: This game will take between 25 hours and 30 hours to complete. Littlewood is an open-ended game so the time it takes will vary depending on your objectives and how focused you are in pursuing them.
Players: This is a single player game.


Does not offer in-game purchases, 'loot boxes' or 'battle/season passes'. No in-game purchases currently, but it's possible these will be added as the game develops.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

No ratings available for this game.


Unlike games such as Stardew Valley, time pressure is not a factor here as it only advances when you do something. So it makes for a nice low pressure version of the tend and befriend genre of games.


How you can adjust the challenge of play, and assistance the game offers when you fail or get stuck.

Cognitive Pressure

Reaction-time Not Critical: Individual game actions don’t need quick reactions.

Low Pressure: Game tasks aren’t time-limited or with a high emphasis on performance. Or there is a low pressure play-mode available.

System Settings

Nintendo Switch has some built-in features, including a lockable zoom, that can be used on all games. Windows has extensive accessibility features. Some, like colour correction, work with games. Lots of accessibility software can be used with PC games, from voice recognition to input device emulators... read more about system accessibility settings.

Supported by PlayabilityInitiative and accessibility contributors: @GeekDadGamer

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