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Octopath Traveler Review

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Posted: 6 months ago, last updated 4 months ago.

Author: Ben Kendall and @GeekDadGamer.


Octopath Traveler is a combat-focused role-playing game where you follow eight characters on their personal quests. Like other role playing games, you explore the vast open world, interact with citizens and fight enemies as you progress through the story, but here, each of the eight protagonists intersecting stories are told independently and can be played in any order. It has the feel of eight games in one, until the (optional) ending, where you unite the heroes and defeat the imposing doom. The game also stands out for its unique art style, which blends retro 2D characters and locations and 3D geometry.

Set in the mystical realm of Orsterra, the main story follows eight main characters: Ophilia, Cyrus, Tressa, Olberic, Primrose, Alfyn, Therion and H'aanit as they each complete personal quests, be it a new purpose and meaning, revenge, or a search from an ancient tome. After playing through each of the stories, all eight heroes intertwine and they must band together to defeat a fallen god called Galdera, who was locked away in the Gate of Finis by the other twelve gods, and stop him from unleashing terror across the world.

You explore the land as you progress through the story, and interact with characters. You choose whether to be a rogue or noble, each path has benefits and drawbacks. Rogue actions, for example, can be used regardless of the level of your character, but can hurt your reputation in a town, and may eventually prevent you from doing anything in that town. Noble actions can only be used if you are of a high enough level and wealthy enough, but never fail. By interacting with characters, you can perform side quests and advance your story more quickly.

The game's combat uses a turn-based system. While it's easy to grasp, to beat harder enemies you'll need to learn their weakness and experiment with different attacks. You can also obtain boost points that can stun your enemies and give you an advantage.

Octopath Traveler matches its unusual looks with layered character stories to create a game that touches on a range of themes: loss, purpose, inspiration or rescue. But it's how these stories and themes come together by the end of the game that is most satisfying. Facing the final showdown, with all eight characters fighting side-by-side for the first time is surprisingly emotive and speaks to the importance other friendship with people different from ourselves.

DetailsGame Details

Content Rating: PEGI 12

Release Date: 13/07/2018, updated in 2021

Platforms: PC, Stadia, Switch and Xbox One

Genres: Adventure, Fighting, Narrative, Role-Playing and Turn-Based

Accessibility: 20 features

Developer: @SquareEnix


Duration: This game will take between 45 hours and 90 hours to complete. The game's progression requires you to spend lots of time levelling up the characters on previous sections, and some battles can take several minutes to beat. As there are eight smaller stories within the game, beating the whole thing will be a large commitment.
Players: This is a single player game.


Octopath Traveler usually costs £49.99.

Octopath Traveler

Switch Store Switch £49.99
Does not offer in-game purchases, 'loot boxes' or 'battle/season passes'.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

Rated PEGI 12 for Bad Language and Sex. Sexual scenes include dialogue relating to women being sold into and working in brothels, and sexual innuendo.


Although you cannot change the difficulty, by going back to easier sections of the game you can level up your team and make them stronger, thus decreasing the difficulty of the current area. Because of the turn-based nature of the gameplay, you can take all the time you need in fights without worrying about losing or running out of time.

You can save at any time, and the game automatically saves at the beginning and end of each level. Although some of the game is voice acted, much of the dialogue only appears as text, which appears black set against a pale yellow background, but is in a retro, blocky font and is quite small, so some may struggle to read it. When a character is speaking, a large speech bubble indicates it. Some of the dialogue uses old English terms like "Thou", "Didst" and "Needeth", but dialogue is only manually forwarded, so you have as long as you need to read it. Because of the text, the game is easily playable without sound.
Our Octopath Traveler Accessibility Report documents 20 accessibility features:

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