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Piggy Review

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Posted: 8 weeks ago.

Author: @GeekDadGamer.


Piggy Roblox game is an adventure horror game where you are a police officer trying and survive from being killed by a Piggy character. Through a series of chapters, you play in a range of scenarios where you are under threat of murder from a family of evil pigs. These all revolve around being in a small location, trying not to get caught and killed.

At the start of the game, you choose whether you want to play Book 1 or Book 2, then vote for which of the maps will be used for the next round. You explore the world, watching out for other players. At some point you are told "Piggy Has Woken Up". You then need to survive 10 minutes. While you do this you can access safe's and areas by collecting items and colour-coded keys. The round is over when either the time runs out or all the players are caught by the Piggy character.

There are different game modes you can select. Player mode where a random person is chosen to be Piggy and others must survive. Bot mode where Piggy is controlled via AI. Infection mode, where when Piggy catches someone they also become the Piggy character and start infecting other players. themselves, and have to infect the remaining survivors.

A big reason for the game's popularity is the wide range of scenarios, story and characters in the game. Investigating the disappearance of Georgie Piggy. Hearing strange noises in the house and getting hit in the head. Going to sleep in a tent to be woken up by a monster attack. Characters being abandoned in hospitals with researchers. Running from doctors for fear of infection.

The community of players work together to understand and interpret what's actually happening in the story. The evolving narrative through the books and chapters adds plenty of conspiracy theories and discussion in the community.

The Wiki for them game outlines how the game originally references the Peppa Pig character. "It was based on the British children's show Peppa Pig, as well as the horror game Granny. However, after a copyrights strike happened to Piggy from the Peppa Pig show, MiniToon had to remodel almost all of the models in order to protect his game from being taken down."

"Do you have what it takes to escape Piggy and uncover the mysteries surrounding the beast?"

DetailsGame Details

Content Rating: PEGI 7

Release Date: 23/01/2020, updated in 2021

Platforms: Android, Mac, PC, Xbox One and iOS

Genres: Adventure, Platform and Role-Playing

Developer: @DaRealMiniToon


Duration: It takes between 1 minute and 5 minutes to play a round of this game.
Players: This is a single player game.


Additional in-game purchases are offered for items that enhance the experience. The game lets you purchase items with the Piggy Token currency that can be obtained in four different ways:
  • Escape to safety: 15 Piggy Tokens.
  • Kill a player as Piggy or Traitor: 5 Piggy Tokens for each player killed.
  • Stopping the Traitor: 5 Piggy Tokens.
  • Purchasing with Robux

You can use the currency to buy Traps and Skins. The most expensive skins, like Kraxicorde, can cost up to 750 Piggy Tokens. The most expensive traps, like Kraxicorde, can cost 300 Piggy Tokens. It cost about 780 Robux (£8.99) to purchase 1000 Piggy Tokens.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Although this is rated PEGI 7 and ESERB EVERYONE 10+, like all Roblox games, there are jump scares and moments being chased by a killer pig character that may unsettle younger children. The game draws on the Peppa Pig look and feel, but takes a turn towards a horror game at unexpected moments.
This game has been rated ESRB EVERYONE 10+.


We haven't recorded accessibility settings for this game yet. Our Piggy Accessibility Report details system-wide settings that may help, and suggests similar games with accessibility features. Tweet the developer (@DaRealMiniToon) to let them know about our Accessibility Questionnaire.

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