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Scribble It Review

Game image Scribble It
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Posted: 4 months ago, last updated 4 weeks ago.

Author: @EamonGaudio, @GeekDadGamer, @JonahMonaghan and Jo Robertson.


Scribble It is a digital take on the classic board game Pictionary. You take turns drawing a word as the other players try to be the first one to guess it. The benefit is that you don't have to be in the same place to play. Also, there's the added novelty of creating pictures using a mouse on a computer which can actually be quite funny.

Scribble It is best played as a party game, where you get to show off your artistic talent or lack thereof to all your friends and family. With many customizable settings, games can be as fast-paced or easy going as you would like. When you are wanting more word packs you can create your own or browse the community-generated content.

The game provides two main game modes for free: Free Draw and Guess It Classic. In the free draw mode, you can take your time to make your own pictures without other players needing to guess what you are drawing, you can also invite friends into your free draw. Guess It Classic has players gain points by how quickly they can guess the word being drawn. The Premium Edition of the game provides a few more game modes, Guess It Grand Reveal and Rate It. Both free and paid versions of the game allow playing in teams.

DetailsGame Details

Expected Rating:

Release Date: 20/10/2020

Price: Free

Platforms: Mac and PC

Genres: Creative and Puzzle

Developer: @DetachOfficial


Duration: It takes between 5 minutes and 20 minutes to play a round of this game. The time per round (30-300 seconds) and the total number of rounds (1-10) can be customized to make quicker or slower games.
Players: This is a single player game. You can play with up to 16 players online. There is a free draw area where that can be played solo or with friends online. Quickplay can be played with 2 to 16 players online.

Cross-Play: You can play Scribble It with people on other systems: PC, Mac, Linux.


This game is free to play. Additional in-game purchases are offered for items that enhance the experience.  

You don’t need a paid subscription to play this game online. There is a Premium Edition that can be purchased which allows access to two more game modes and some cosmetic only features.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Scribble It is not rated officially by PEGI or ESRB but it would likely be PEGI 3+ or ESRB EVERYONE. Parents should note that the online portion has a text chat that may not be appropriate for all ages.

User-Generated Content: This game includes content created by other players, such as maps, outfits and items, that are not reflected in the game rating.

Users Interact: The game enables players to interact and communicate with each other, so may expose players to language usually associated with older rated games.


If the default yellow background with black text is an issue, there are alternative background colour options but they are behind a paywall for the Premium Edition.


How you can adjust the challenge of play, and assistance the game offers when you fail or get stuck.

Difficulty Options

Select Difficulty: Select difficulty from a range of presets.

Customise Difficulty: Customise different aspects of the game.

Competitive Difficulty: Difficulty not adjustable, because you compete against other players.

Adjustable Between Levels: You can adjust the difficulty between levels/rounds.

Low Pressure: Game tasks aren’t time-limited or with a high emphasis on performance. Or there is a low pressure play-mode available.


Practice Area: You can practice freely without opponents or time pressures.

Tutorials: There are helpful tutorials, instructions and tips.

No Unlocking Required: Access any mode, location, character, weapon or vehicle from the start.


How much reading or listening comprehension is required, and how accessible this is.

Simple Minimal Reading: Minimal reading is required.

Large Clear Text: Text is large and clear, or can be adjusted to be.

Any spoken content has subtitles: All spoken content has subtitles, or there is no speech in the game.


How you control the game, different options for alternative inputs and whether you can remap these settings to suit your needs.

Mouse and Keys: Can play with mouse and multiple keys.

Motion Controls Not Required: You don’t need motion controls to play the game.

Remap Buttons: Re-map all buttons/keys.

Rapid Pressing Optional: Quick, repeated button pressing not required or can be skipped or disabled.


How you can adjust the visuals to suit your needs, and offer additional information if you can't hear the game.


Bright Colourful Palette: Game uses bright colours and is generally high contrast.

Large Game Elements: Game characters and other elements are large and distinguishable.

Visual Distractions

No Flashes: No flashing strobe effects or you can disable them.

No Screen Shake: No screen shake effect or this can be disabled.

No Busy Backgrounds: No distracting backgrounds or you can make them static or blank.

Colourblind friendly: Game doesn’t rely on colour or can switch to colourblind friendly mode.

Clear Interface: The game navigation, maps and information are clear to read, large or adjustable.


How you can adjust the audio of the game and whether audio cues compensate for aspects of the game that are hard to see.

Adjustable Audio

Balance Audio Levels: Set music and game sound effects separately.

Customise Audio Levels: Control volume levels of specific events and elements in the game.

Play Without Hearing: No audio cues are necessary to play the game well


How you can communicate with other players in the game and what options are available to customise and control this interaction.

Player-to-Player Communication

Preset Chat: Communicate with other players with word-less icons, sounds or preset phrases.

Text Chat: Chat to other players by typing text.

System Settings

Windows has extensive accessibility features. Some, like colour correction, work with games. Lots of accessibility software can be used with PC games, from voice recognition to input device emulators... read more about system accessibility settings.

Supported by PlayabilityInitiative and accessibility contributors: @EamonGaudio

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