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Super Mario 3D World Review

Game image Super Mario 3D World
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Posted: 8 months ago, last updated 11 days ago.

Author: @GeekDadGamer and Jo Robertson.


Super Mario 3D World is a platform game you can play with up to 4-players in the same place. While all Mario games are good for families, this co-operative and competitive play makes it great for families and friends to play together.

You work together to free the Sprixies from Bowser, who invaded Sprixie Kingdom. Or you can compete to earn the crown on each level. Either way, you are running, jumping, stomping and collecting your way around meticulously designed levels.

This interaction of the Mario formula adds new power-ups that include turning into a cat that can climb walls. Unlike other Mario games you have a larger choice of either using Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Toad. They all have unique abilities for example Princess Peach glides over gaps, while Luigi has his trademark extra-high jump.

The player using the Wii U GamePad Controller can touch the screen to search for hidden blocks and freeze enemies, this adds another aspect to the multiplayer fun and a good way for younger players (or perhaps novice parents and carers) to get involved. If any player is left too far behind they are rejoined to the action in a bubble.

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DetailsGame Details


Release Date: 21/11/2013, updated in 2013

Platforms: Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U

Genres: Action, Adventure and Platform

Developer: @Nintendo


Duration: This game will take between 22 hours and 35 hours to complete.
Players: You can play with 4 players in the same room and up to 4 players online. Players all play on the same screen with either Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck Controller, Wii U Pro Controller or Wii U GamePad. The Wii U player is counted as one of the players, unlike in New Super Mario Bros. U where they could be a fifth player offering assistance.

On the Switch version of the game you can play on the same system, local co-operative mode and online co=operative mode with four players. To play local or online on different systems you each need your own copy of the game.


Additional in-game purchases are offered for items that enhance the experience. To unlock new characters ammibo figures can be placed on the Switch version of the game. They are sold separately.
You don’t need a paid subscription to play this game online.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Rated PEGI 3.

ESRB EVERYONE with Mild Cartoon Violence. Players can hop on enemies' heads or use various power-ups (e.g., boomerang, fire flower, invincibility stars) to defeat them. Enemies generally crumble into pieces when jumped on, get momentarily stunned, or disappear amid puffs of smoke and scattered coins.

Users Interact: The game enables players to interact and communicate with each other, so may expose players to language usually associated with older rated games.


Accessibility for this game is as follows:
System Settings

Nintendo Switch has some built-in features, including a lockable zoom, that can be used on all games. The Wii U has some limited settings, such as disabling rumble and selecting mono audio... read more about system accessibility settings.

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