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Triple Town Review

Game image Triple Town
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Posted: 4 weeks ago, last updated 3 weeks ago.

Author: Ben Kendall and @GeekDadGamer.


Triple Town is a puzzle game where you expand an empire by building cities in a limited space. You combine lower value pieces into better ones to improve your city and make best use of available space. It's simple and quick to pick up but requires practice to excel at.

You place shrub tiles on the 6-by-6 play area. As you do you aim to combine three adjacent tiles together to make it into a single new item. For example 3 shrubs make a bush, 3 bushes make a tree, and so on. This allows you to keep your board clear as well as make new objects.

Using this simple mechanic, the aim is to create a city with trees and houses. While you do this, bears try and block your progress, and you must block them with tiles to hem them in before it's too late. The round ends when there are no free tiles left.

The game has spawned a whole genre of "merge" games, and focuses on relaxing fun rather than challenging play. It's a great introduction to strategy games as well as being a novel puzzle. Still, to get the best score you need to learn the mechanics and plan carefully.

DetailsGame Details


Release Date: 14/10/2010, updated in 2012

Price: Free

Platforms: Android, Mac, PC and iOS

Genres: Creative, Puzzle and Strategy

Developer: @SpryFox


Duration: It takes between 1 minute and 5 minutes to play a round of this game. It's small play area allows games to be quick and easy to do in just a couple of minutes, allowing you to play anywhere, anytime.
Players: This is a single player game.


This game is free to play. Additional in-game purchases are offered for items that enhance the experience. You can buy items in the game that help you, like unlimited turns and coins, or extra items such as cosmetic changes to the game like a winter or spring aesthetic. They range from £1/$1 to £5/$5.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Rated PEGI 3.


Rated 4+ on the Apple App Store.


Accessibility for this game is as follows:


How you can adjust the challenge of play, and assistance the game offers when you fail or get stuck.

Cognitive Pressure

Reaction-time Not Critical: Individual game actions don’t need quick reactions.

Low Pressure: Game tasks aren’t time-limited or with a high emphasis on performance. Or there is a low pressure play-mode available.

Save Anytime: The game automatically saves progress or you can save any time, and not lose progress.

Tutorials: There are helpful tutorials, instructions and tips.


How much reading or listening comprehension is required, and how accessible this is.

Simple Minimal Reading: Minimal reading is required.

High Text Contrast: Text colour contrasts to background.

Any spoken content has subtitles: All spoken content has subtitles, or there is no speech in the game.


How you control the game, different options for alternative inputs and whether you can remap these settings to suit your needs.

Mouse Alone: Can play with just the mouse/mouse button/mouse wheel.

One Motion Targeted: Play with touchscreen, tap and swipe or hold gesture.

Motion Controls Not Required: You don’t need motion controls to play the game.

No Simultaneous Buttons: Only one button or key required at a time, in addition to direction.


How you can adjust the visuals to suit your needs, and offer additional information if you can't hear the game.

Bright Colourful Palette: Game uses bright colours and is generally high contrast.

Visual Distractions

No Flashes: No flashing strobe effects or you can disable them.

No Screen Shake: No screen shake effect or this can be disabled.

No Busy Backgrounds: No distracting backgrounds or you can make them static or blank.

Audio Cues for Visual Events: Audio is provided to indicate visual events.

Colourblind friendly: Game doesn’t rely on colour or can switch to colourblind friendly mode.

Clear Interface: The game navigation, maps and information are clear to read, large or adjustable.


How you can adjust the audio of the game and whether audio cues compensate for aspects of the game that are hard to see.

Play Without Hearing: No audio cues are necessary to play the game well

System Settings

Android has accessibility settings including ways to navigate and interact, although not all games support this. Windows has extensive accessibility features. Some, like colour correction, work with games. Lots of accessibility software can be used with PC games, from voice recognition to input device emulators. iOS has a very extensive suite of accessibility settings including ways to navigate with voice and comprehensive screen reading, though most of the features don't work with games... read more about system accessibility settings.

Supported by PlayabilityInitiative and accessibility contributors: Ben Kendall and @GeekDadGamer

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