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Vectronom Review

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Posted: 3 months ago, last updated 2 weeks ago.

Author: @GeekDadGamer.


Vectronom is a moving and jumping game where you control a block moving through a level that's changing in time with the music. The primary colours and hypnotic beats can distract at first, but as you find the flow of moving in time with the beat a unique rhythmic game is revealed.

Play involves timing your moves to progress along the pulsing geometric path that changes with the beat. All set to a hypnotic electronic soundtrack. It sounds easy, but the intuitive gameplay soon ramps up the challenge. Spikes, disappearing platforms, moving elements and pointy enemies.

Set off on a solo campaign with just your headphones for company, or invite a few friends to join the party. At the end of each set of level, you get a score based on the number of retries, collecting all the items and how well you were in time with the rhythm. This offers a reason to replay and improve.

You can also create your own levels share them and play the creations of others. Vectronom features a fully-fledged level editor which will allow you to build mind-bending musical puzzles.

DetailsGame Details

Content Rating: PEGI 3

Skill Rating: 10+ year-olds

Release Date: 29/05/2019

Platforms: Android, Mac, PC, Switch and iOS

Genres: Platform and Rhythm

Accessibility: 16 features

Developer: @ARTE_Interactif


Duration: This game will take between 3 hours and 5 hours to complete.
Players: You can play with 4 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online. A drop-in, drop-out multiplayer mode that will hypnotize your friends. You can also use Midi instruments and Dancemat controllers on Mac and PC.


Vectronom usually costs £8.99.


Switch Store Switch £8.99
Does not offer in-game purchases, 'loot boxes' or 'battle/season passes'.

Age RatingsAge Ratings

Content Rating

This game has been rated PEGI 3.

Skill Rating

This game is enjoyed by 10+ year-olds as it's a good match for their ability and maturity.


This is a difficult game that gets progressively harder. There are no settings to make this easier but you can attempt each level as many times as you want.

There's a Colour aid option and the ability to disable the background. You can unlock a Free Tempo mode. There are visual cues that match the beat of the music. These help players move in time to the music.
Our Vectronom Accessibility Report documents 16 accessibility features:

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