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Help Using Family Video Game Database

A site like ours can be a bit bewildering when you first visit. We know that, so have created some simple ways for you to get started. Each of the following sections offers written advice along with narrated videos to talk you through the basics of using the site.

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The homepage offers a number of ways for you to find really good games for your family.

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You can create, save and share your own list of games on the website. To do this you simple click the heart icon on the screen shot or game page. These are automatically saved for you. You can share your list, and keep it safe, by creating an account on the site:

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You can find really affordable games for your family through the discounts and sales we list on the site. You can access this information in a number of ways:

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The database is a great way to check the ratings and details of games your child may ask to play. If a game isn't appropriate for them, the database provides a number of ways to find age-appropriate alternatives for them to play.

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Because we record details information about the accessibility features of each game on the database you can search for games that suit your accessibility requirements, in combination with the usual search.

Understanding Information Provided For Each Video Game

The information in the database is aimed at parents and carers, who we assume may not have detailed understanding of the ins and outs of game. We spend time researching the following key information to enable parents and carers to make informed decisions about video games while respecting their time pressures:

How To Update Accessibility Data

We work with a range of accessibility experts and professionals to help keep the data in the database up to date and accurate.

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Image of the cover of the hardback edition of the Taming Gaming book  by Andy Robertson Image 311 Thank you for using our resource, supported by AskAboutGames, ParentZone and PlayAbility Initiative. We are editorially independent, written by parents for parents, but welcome sponsorship, partnership and suggestions. Email our editor for details on these opportunities.

The information on this database is designed to support and complement the in-depth discussion and advice about video game "addiction", violence, spending and online safety in the Taming Gaming book. If you have any concerns or questions in these areas, email our editor who is quick to respond or can arrange for a one-to-one conversation.

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