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Worried about your children's video games? Get the book that inspired the database. This guide will grant you the confidence to understand and anchor video games as a healthy part of family life. Discover practical advice and insights from the latest research and guidance from psychologists, industry experts, educational bodies and children's charities.

What's Popular on Family Video Game Database Today

With thousands of parents and carers checking the database for information about the video games their children are playing we have our finger on the pulse of gaming in the family. This page lays out the most popular games on the database right now.

Top Games Parents Are Searching This Week

There are the games that parents are searching for to find PEGI and ESRB ratings as well as more information on what the game is like to play. This is a useful list of games if you want to keep track of what new video game trends are on the rise.

Top Games Parents Are Searching This Month

Top Games Liked This Week

These are the games that parents are clicking to keep track of as something that might be good for their family to play. If you create an account you can then share these lists of games with friends and family.

Top Games Liked This Month

Game image Raft


Game image Roblox



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The information on this database is designed to support and complement the in-depth discussion and advice about video game "addiction", violence, spending and online safety in the Taming Gaming book. If you have any concerns or questions in these areas, email our editor who is quick to respond or can arrange for a one-to-one conversation.

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