Subscriptions To Play Online

Console games usually require a subscription to that platform maker's online service to be able to play games online. While there are some games you can play online without this subscription, the majority require it to access servers and other players.

This enables you to play online games against or with other people, along with some other online services like backing up your game save progress to the cloud, talking to other players and exchanging messages.

Xbox Live Gold

Costs £6.99/month to let you play with others online. It also offers a few free games each month and substantial discounts on games and game add-ons.

Xbox Game Pass £7.99 is a complimentary subscription offering 100's of top games on Xbox. You can buy Xbox Gold Live, to play online, and Xbox Game Pass, for hundreds of games, together for £10.99/month.

PlayStation Plus

Costs £6.99/month to play PlayStation games online.
It also offers discounted and two free games each month. This provides cloud saves, and you can also share games with other players: PlayStation Now £8.99/month is a complimentary game subscription service that provides hundreds of PS2, PS3 and PS4 games to play.

Nintendo Online

Costs £3.49/month for a single membership or £31.49/year (£2.62/month) for a family subscription for up to 8 people.

Enables online play for Nintendo Switch games. It also provides a free library of retro games that were on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This also provides cloud saves of your progress. There is also a Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app that lets you talk to other players in certain games.

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